iPhone wallpapers for the very first apple iPhone ever made, this device was released with a 320x480 wallpaper resolution.
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iPhone wallpapers textures

Metal grid iPhone wallpapers
an iPhone 3 wallpaper for those who like an industrial look for their device, the metal grid wallpaper for iphone
the smallest dots iPhone wallpapers
this wallpaper for iphone 3 devices is build up out of the smallest possible blue dots!
Cracked wall iPhone wallpapers
cracks appear inside this concrete wall iphone wallpaper
Slippery ice iPhone wallpapers
this wallpaper for iphone exists out of some slippery ice
Picasso iPhone wallpapers
if Picasso would ever have made an iphone wallpaper, it would probably have looked like this!
Snow dots iPhone wallpapers
a simple snow dots texture wallpaper for your iphone
Simple wood iPhone wallpapers
a wooden plate as wallpaper for your iphone

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